JSC Zarubezhgeologia specializes in the study and evaluation of mineral, energy, water, land, and other natural resources, as well as geo-ecological research and projects.

The Company was founded to carry out production, design, and scientific work in the field of geology in foreign countries. Zarubezhgeologia exercised functions of the general vendor and contractor of the former USSR Ministry of Geology in organizing technical assistance to partner countries and carrying out geological research under intergovernmental agreements. The Company was also involved in the supply of materials and equipment, as well as provided Russian specialists for projects abroad.

Nearly half a century, Zarubezhgeologia has been providing technical support in the conduct of geological prospecting works to 60 foreign countries delegating more than 30 thousand experts from Russia. As a result of these works, hundreds of mineral deposits were discovered and explored: oil, gas, coal, non-ferrous and rare metals, diamonds, gold, bauxite and phosphate rocks, etc. In fact, the mineral resource base of the national industry has been formed on the basis of Zarubezhgeologia activities in many countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Currently Zarubezhgeologia diversifies its business running the research and appraisal of other types of natural resources in addition to the mineral ones, such as energy, water and land resources; evaluation of their integrated use, conservation, and protection based on geo-ecological surveys and projects with the help of the Russian know-how and up-to-date equipment.

In close collaboration with specialized entities possessing state-of-the-art technologies, Zarubezhgeologia offers to its international partners technological solutions for mineral stock production, benefication and processing, in the field of water sector and water supply, as well as assistance in the area of scientific and technological cooperation.